The Little Shop of Horrors Pet Shop

Our stock of accessories is constantly changing, below you will see some of the products we have on a regular basis. If you cannot find what you are looking for then just call us on 01 287 4878.

Cats & Dogs

  • Cat coats and Dog coats
  • Cat & Dog collars and name tags
  • Kennels of all shapes and sizes
  • Grooming accessories and kits
  • Toys
  • Leads
  • Muzzles
  • Medications - flee & deworming kits


  • Fish Tanks & Accessories
  • Tank Maintenance Kits
  • Filter Systems & Heaters
  • Live Aquatic Plants
  • Air Pumps & Air Stones
  • Water Testing Kits


  • Bird cages
  • Bedding & Medication
  • Cages of all sizes
  • Bird Feed
  • Toys & Accessories
  • Sands for all types of birds including chickens & hens

Small Animals

  • A variety of hutches for all types of animals
  • Animal runs (small & large)
  • Hammocks and an assorted range of bedding
  • Animal Houses (small & large)
  • Good Selection of foods
  • Variety of cages


  • Tanks
  • Cages
  • Heat Lamps (all sizes)
  • UV Lights (all sizes)
  • Heat Mats (all sizes)
  • Vivariums
  • Terrarium
  • Calcium
  • Live Food
  • Variety of Background D├ęcor (logs, caves, snake hooks etc)

Call us now:

01 287 4878

New premises

We have just moved into our new premises in Greystones. See our contact page for details.

New arrivals

Check in store for latest arrivals.

Terms & Conditions:

Little Shop of Horrors always considers the safety and wellbeing of animals and reserves the right to refuse rental service or sales without explanation. Only certain animals can be rented and rental periods may be limited in the interest of animal welfare. Rental of some animals requires the continual onsite presence and/or supervision of a qualified representative. Please ensure you read & sign your rental agreement at time of purchase.


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